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Assisted Living

What is Assisted Living?
(Assisted Living Federation of America)

It’s important for everyone to know the risks of prescription drugs and medical devices before they are taken or implanted. This is especially true for seniors.

Drug Dangers
Drug Dangers is committed to providing information on a range of medications and medical devices that have serious complications

California Assisted Living Association (CALA) & Consumer Checklist has a great checklist for consumers considering assisted living

Discovering Assisted Living
(American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging)

Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) & Consumer Checklist
(Assisted Living Federation of America) has a great checklist to evaluate assisted living retirement communities.

Alzheimer's Care

National Institute on Aging Information Center

Hospice care

California State Hospice Association

Financial Solutions

Veteran Benefits

If you are a US veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran, you may be eligible to receive a federal monthly pension – up to $1,800 per month – to help pay for personal care such as assisted living. Additional information and assistance in applying for the Aid and Attendance benefit may be obtained by calling 1-800-827-1000. Applications may be submitted online at the Department of Veterans Affairs website. Information is also available on the internet at or from any local veterans service organization.

Gift Tax Exemption

Family members can pitch in toward the cost of assisted living and take advantage of the IRS gift tax exemption. Individuals can provide gifts of up to $13,000 per person per year without paying a federal gift tax. Please consult with your tax professional before making financial decisions.

LifeCare Funding Group

Life Care Funding Group works with seniors to help fund long term care and retirement living using an in-force Life Insurance Policy. The Life Care Assurance Benefit allows a senior to use a Life Insurance Policy to pay for long term care and housing by converting a portion of the policy’s death benefit into a long term care benefit that is paid directly to the care provider. Many seniors and their families find the Life Care Assurance Benefit a great way to help pay for their senior living. Find out more at or simply call 1-888-670-7773 for details.

ElderLife Financial Services

Simple, convenient financing options are available from a recognized leader in financial services. Flexible line of credit options are ideal for those who need rent or care support while they wait for other benefits to begin or are in the process of selling a home. Find out more at or simply call 1-888-228-4500 for details.